Ma­schi­nen­bau & EIM

English for Engineering Students (L.ZfS.04030)

Students are invited to take part in a project-based language course as members of a consortium team. You will first create a company profile and then write a technical specification for your product. On completion of your technical specification you will prepare to individually present your company and product in a short FAB (Features, Advantages, Benefits) presentation as part of a planning meeting. On completion of this course, you will have accomplished both oral and written tasks which will support both your studies and future professional life. Furthermore, the course covers a range of technical vocabulary from the field of engineering. We’ll also be evaluating advantages and disadvantages of products and innovations, explaining technical coherences and analysing and improving problems.

The final grade for the course will comprise 4 separate grades Including:

  • Technical specification 20% (group grade)
  • Writing of minutes of a meeting 15% (Individual grade)
  • Presenting a FAB presentation 20% (Individual grade)
  • Final written exam 45%


English Writing Skills for Engineering Students (L.ZfS.04032)

The main objective of this course is to specifically address the academic writing skills required by Engineering students. We’ll be practising step by step how to report completed project work, including 5 distinct writing tasks:

  • Abstract: Summary of your report.
  • Introduction: Give a clear and concise rationale of the problem identified.
  • Primary research: Methods and results: How you did your research. Description of the tools/materials used. Presentation of results.
    Secondary research: Undertaking a literature review using already existing research.
  • Discussion: Comments on the effectiveness of your research.
  • Conclusion and recommendations: Clear conclusion which summarises the main points made and provides a recommendation.

These tasks will be undertaken firstly through the examination of authentic reports in the field of Engineering along with templates of language used in report writing. We’ll be looking at the structure and language of an Engineering report, identifying key characteristics of academic writing and practising how to use this structure and language in your own report, avoiding any common errors made in writing. Above all, we’ll be taking the writing process slowly, step-by-step, taking time to consider and discuss other people’s writing on the one hand, while reflecting on the development of your own writing on the other.


The final grade will be assessed by a 2,500 word report, comprising the above aspects written during the semester. There is no written exam.


English Oral Skills for Engineering Students (L.ZfS. 04031)

This course is designed to expand the English oral skills of Engineering students in different communicative situations to support both your studies and  future professional life. Authentic podcasts, texts and videos will provide the basis for storytelling, vocabulary development, and debating skills competence. Group and pair work will allow for interaction in the target language. The course calls for communication and interaction, so please come alert and ready for conversation.

The final grade for the course will comprise 3 separate grades Including:

  • Creating a podcast 30% (Individual or group grade)
  • Oral summary of an academic text 30% (Individual grade)
  • Engaging in a debate 40% (Individual grade)
  • There is no written exam.