Health work­shop


Health workshop for teams and working groups

Target group

Teams and working groups from all Paderborn University divisions and departments

Course objectives

In the health workshop, teams and working groups identify their specific stress factors, led by education specialist Christian Glameyer, with the main focus on stressors.
Participants then work together to develop possible solutions, which are presented to their managers in a follow-up meeting. Appropriate measures are decided on, together with representatives from the team. After an agreed period of time (e.g. 4 weeks), the implementation and effectiveness of the measures is jointly reviewed.


The health workshop comprises the following phases:

A) Preliminary discussion with all parties involved (team and managers) (2 hrs)

  • Presentation of the workshop concept
  • Recording of individual wishes, goals and expectations

B) Workshop phase (1 day) (team only)

B1 Introduction and situation analysis (2 hrs)

  • Recognition of the connection between work, performance, stress, strain
  • Identification of critical stress factors in day-to-day work

B2 Creative phase – solution development (6 hrs)

  • Development of possible solutions in a moderated creative phase
  • Different perspectives: Reflection on the possible solutions from management’s point of view

C) Implementation phase – decision on measures (2-4 hrs) (team and managers)

  • Presentation of the possible solutions to managers
  • Agreement on appropriate measures

D) Evaluation phase – reflection and evaluation of effectiveness (2-4 hrs) (team and managers)

  • Review of effectiveness after agreed period of time



  • Short talks on stress factors
  • Discussion moderation, creative moderation
  • Presentation of results


Participant limit

Usually max. 12 people; larger groups by arrangement


16 workshop hours; dates by arrangement


Education specialist Christian Glameyer

About the instructor

Christian Glameyer is a freelance consultant and coach specialising in social-psychological issues in companies. His expertise lies in team development, coaching and training in self-management, leadership communication and work organisation.


This seminar is permanently available. If you are interested, please contact the Staff Development team or “Gesunde Hochschule” (Healthy University) working group.