The University of Paderborn has had visible success over the last decade or so with their efforts to ensure equal opportunities for both women and men. By developing new policies and procedures, and optimizing existing structures, the proportion of women in academia was increased significantly.

The successes of our Equal Opportunities Policies can also be seen in numerous awards:

In 2010, the University of Paderborn’s Equal Opportunities Concept (EOC) within the larger context of implementing the “Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality” was unanimously declared “exemplary” by the DFG and was ranked as being at the highest level of implementation (4). The interim report (2011) and the final report (2013) were also categorized at the highest level possible by the DFG. This is a way for the DFG to certify that the University of Paderborn is pursuing a successfully established concept, complemented by additional innovative approaches.

The EOC of the University Paderborn received a positive review regarding their Female Professors Program I. Through this program, funding for 3 new female professors was secured for five years. The university applied successfully for the continuation of the program, the Female Professors Program II, and was granted funding for three female professors.

In 2018, the University of Paderborn applied for the Female Professors Program III with their “EOC for the future”; once again, they received a positive evaluation. The official application for three additional female professor positions has not yet been submitted.

In 2009, 2012, 2015, and 2018, the University of Paderborn was awarded the Total E-Quality Award. This honor is awarded for exemplary behavior with respect to equality-oriented human resources policy. In addition, the university also received the supplementary Diversity Award.

In 2005, the University of Paderborn was the first in North Rhine-Westphalia to be awarded the designation of “family-friendly university” after participating in the “audit family-friendly universities” (audit familiengerechte hochschule), conducted by Beruf und Familie GmbH. The audit results were confimed by successful re-auditing procedures in 2008, 2012, and 2015.

In 2009, the university received the gender prize from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia with an endowment of 100 000 € for the best Equal Opportunities Concept.

By signing the Diversity Charter in October 2011, the University of Paderborn has committed itself to valuing all of its employees equally. Factors such as sex, gender identity, nationality, ethnicity, religion, political or personal philosophy, disability, age, sexual orientation or identity, should not disadvantage a person in any way.

audit family-friendly…

On 22 November 2005, Paderborn University was the first university in NRW to be awarded the designation of “family-friendly university”.


Paderborn University has received the TOTAL E-QUALITY Award for their equality-oriented Human Resources policies.

charta der vielfalt

Die Universität Paderborn hat im Oktober 2011 die "charta der vielfalt" unterzeichnet.
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audit vielfaltsgerechte…

Das Kuratorium der berufundfamilie erteilt zum 15. März 2023 das Zertifikat zum audit vielfaltsgerechte hochschule an die Universität Paderborn.

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