Department 4.2 is responsible for the personnel matters of junior professors at the University of Paderborn, from recruitment to termination of employment.

There are two types of junior professorship:

Junior professorships without tenure track
The junior professorship without tenure track offers young academics the opportunity to take on tasks in research and teaching independently at an early stage of their career and to qualify for a lifetime professorship. With the establishment of the junior professorship, a new career path was created that is intended to provide young academics with a contemporary and independent access to a professorship. Junior professorships without tenure track are usually limited to six years. After three years, the junior professor undergoes an interim evaluation. The result of this serves as the basis for the decision on an extension of a further three years.

Junior professors with tenure track procedure
The tenure track procedure is intended to open up attractive career prospects at the University of Paderborn for excellent young researchers. At the end of the successful tenure track procedure, they are offered a permanent professorship.
The procedure usually consists of two phases, each of which is concluded by an evaluation of the junior professor. The result of the interim evaluation serves as the basis for the decision on the extension, the result of the final evaluation as the basis for the decision on the continuation of the professorship.

Guidelines for the Interim Evaluation for Junior Professors without Tenure Track

Guidelines for the Interim and Final Evaluation for Junior Professors (TT Regulations of 27.07.2017)

Guidelines on interim and final evaluation for junior professors (TT Regulations of 30.11.2018)

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