Professorial Representation

The university may, for a transitional period until a professorship is filled, appoint a professoral representation to perform the tasks arising from this position (§ 39 of the Higher Education Act (HG)). The person appointed to the visiting professorship must fulfil the requirements for employment under § 36 of the HG.

The professoral representationship is a public-sector employment relationship of a special kind; it does not constitute an employment relationship.

In order to appoint a person to professoral representationship, the relevant request form must be submitted to the Human Resources department via the official channels for approval.  

If you have any questions regarding professoral representationship, please contact Ms Nicole Figarski for the Faculty of Business Administration and Economics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics on 05251 60-5280 or Mr Tim Göke for the Faculty of Science and Faculty of Arts and Humanities on 05251 60-4102.