Workplace accidents/Commuting accidents

Workplace accidents

An accident is deemed to be a workplace accident when an insured person suffers an accident as a result of an insured activity, usually work. Within the meaning of the German statutory accident insurance system (GUV), accidents are defined as a sudden event caused by an external influence that results in damage to health or death.

Commuting accidents

Commuting accidents are accidents that occur on the direct route to an insured activity or on the way home from an insured activity.

All business trips connected with work are also insured.

Accident reports

Every accident that entails a visit to a doctor or hospital and for which costs are therefore incurred must be reported to the statutory accident insurance provider in the form of an accident report for insurance verification purposes.


Accident report

Commuting accident report

Please submit your accident report and, if applicable, your commuting accident form to your responsible HR representative.

The responsible accident insurance provider is

Unfallkasse Nordrhein-Westfalen
Regionaldirektion Rheinland
Postfach 330420
40437 Duesseldorf

Tel. +49 (0)211 2808-1

You can obtain more information on occupational health and safety from Department 5.