Termination of the employment relationship

An employment relationship can be terminated for different reasons and/or in different ways. This can be, for example, due to retirement, termination or a cancellation agreement. Fixed-term employment contacts end on the agreed date.


Ordinary notice of termination must be submitted to the Human Resources department by employees in due time via the official channels. The respective employment contract specifies the relevant applicable notice period according to the Collective Agreement for the Public Sector of the German Federal States (TV-L). The period of notice in the case of termination is governed by §§ 30 and 34 of the TV-L.

Cancellation agreement

A cancellation agreement can be concluded by mutual agreement between employees and Paderborn University. The collectively agreed regulation results from § 33 of the TV-L.

To apply for a cancellation agreement, an informal letter (original, not copy) must be submitted to the Human Resources department - Division 4.2 via the official channels. The relevant supervisor(s) must also declare their consent in this letter.


The statutory age for receiving the standard retirement pension (standard retirement age) will progressively rise from 65 to 67 years between 2012 and 2029.
Starting with those born in 1947, the standard retirement age will initially rise in one-month increments from 2012 and in two-month increments from 2024, so that insured persons born in and after 1964 will be subject to a standard retirement age of 67 years.

Please note that other types of old-age pensions are also possible:

  • Old-age pension for particularly long-term insured persons (§ 38 of the German Social Code (SGB) VI)
  • Old-age pension for long-term insured persons (§§ 36 and 236 of the SGB VI)
  • Old-age pension for severely disabled persons (§ 37 of the SGB V and § 236a of the SGB VI)
  • Old-age pension on account of unemployment or after partial retirement (§ 237 of the SGB VI)
  • Old-age pension for women (§ 237a of the SGB VI)

Your pension insurance company will advise you on the different types of pension and the relevant conditions for receiving it.

Information regarding the amount of you pension you are entitled to from the statutory pension insurance scheme can be provided only by the statutory pension insurance providers.

If you have any questions regarding the public-service supplementary pension scheme, please contact the German Federal and State Government Employees’ Retirement Fund (VBL).

As soon as you receive your pension notification letter, please forward this to your responsible HR representative, together with your concrete leaving date.

Flexi pension

You can information on the flexi pension here.

Important information

When terminating your employment relationship, please note that you must consult with your supervisor(s) to calculate your leave entitlement and agree on how to deal with any unused or excess leave before you leave and that you are also obliged to return all documents and objects in your possession that are owned by Paderborn University by your last working day at the latest.

In order to maintain your entitlement to unemployment benefits, you are also obliged to register immediately with the employment agency as a job seeker and to actively seek employment.