Research Services, External Funding, Academic and International Affairs

Paderborn University
Department 2
Warburger Strasse 100
33098 Paderborn, Germany

Division Head Dr. Anke Backer  -  B2.232, 60-2563
Deputy Dr. Kerstin Lahme  -  A2.233, 60-2694

2.1 International Office

2.2 European and National Research Funding and Planning, Legal Aspects of Research

2.3 External Funds Management, Tax Issues

2.4 Assistance to Academic Bodies and Academic Affairs

Silke Horstmann: Referentin Exzellenzcluster - E-Mail, B2.235, 60-2564
Daniela Gerdes: Referentin Administratives Projektmanagement für Forschungsverbünde – E-Mail, ST0.340, 60-4528