Pre­par­a­tion of busi­ness trips

General information

A business trip (domestic and foreign) is a trip to carry out official business away from the place of work. The principle of economic efficiency and economy as well as climate protection must be observed when arranging, approving and carrying out a business trip. Business trips shall only be carried out if they are necessary for official reasons and a more cost-effective completion of the official business is not possible or does not make sense, in particular by using digital communication possibilities. They are to be carried out economically and limited in time to what is necessary. When choosing the means of transport, aspects of climate protection in particular shall be taken into account in addition to economic aspects. Unless there are good reasons for not doing so, the business trip shall be carried out primarily by public transport.

The NRW State Travel Expenses Act (RKG-NRW) shall apply to all official travel.

The application for approval of a business trip must be submitted in good time before the start of the business trip!


Permanent business travel permit

The Department 4.1 (Ms. Schwalk - B1.232 - 05251 60-3768) only issues a permanent business trip permit in justified individual cases if a staff member is able to carry out regularly recurring official business at the same place of business for a certain period of time.Please contact the travel office for further information.


Information on business trips from third-party funded projects can be found here!

A business trip may only be undertaken if the supervisor has given his/her approval by signing off on it and the trip has been authorised by the travel office. In justified exceptional cases, a business trip may also be approved retroactively.
If an unauthorised business trip is undertaken, no travel expenses may be reimbursed!

Business trips at the place of work or residence can also be ordered or approved verbally by the *supervisor*.

Attention: There is no accident insurance cover for unauthorised trips!

Business trips can only be approved for university employees (professors*, staff*, student assistants*, research assistants with a Bachelor's degree [WHB], research assistants [WHK]).

The original business trip approval must be attached to a trip when settling the account. In the case of travel without reimbursement of expenses, it remains with the applicant. Persons who do not have an employment contract (e.g. lecturers, students) may not be issued a business trip permit.