Busi­ness trips from third-party fund­ing

In externally funded projects where the funding body prescribes the application of the Federal Travel Expenses Act (BRKG) or similar (special provisions of the DAAD) instead of the RKG-NRW, it is essential to state in each individual case (see form "Application for Approval of a Business Trip") which federal law or similar is to be applied.

The determination of which law or provision is to be applied in each individual case is made by the project management (see also Guidelines for Use of Third-Party Funding).

1. In externally funded projects, regulations other than those of the State Travel Expenses Act (RKG-NRW) may be applicable for the determination and calculation of travel expenses (e.g. Federal Travel Expenses Act or other special regulations, DAAD flat rates, ...) These regulations result from the notification of funding and the ancillary provisions of the respective externally funded project.  The project management is responsible for ensuring that the applicable regulations are applied and must indicate these in each individual case (see form "Application for Approval of a Business Trip").

2. Please make sure to indicate the personnel funding on the application for approval of a business trip. If the personnel funding does not match the accounting object for the reimbursement of costs, the business trip application will be forwarded to the third-party funding office for review (so-called third-party funding loop).

After examination by the third-party funding office with the note:

  • Business trip can be accounted for as stated.
    Business trip application is approved by the travel office and then returned to the applicant.
  • Business trip cannot be settled as stated.
    The travel office returns the mission request to the applicant without approval and asks for clarification of the third-party funding agency's check note.