Writing events

Here you will find all of our regular interactive workshops and diverse event formats on academic writing for students, PhD candidates, and faculty.

Online or face-to-face? We think both are good! Just take a look at the respective page of the offer to see in which format it takes place.


Writing events

With an exclusive range of workshops, advice and active breaks, the four-day writing days offer you an ideal writing space to work continuously and with motivation on your writing project.

Looking for motivation to move your writing project forward? Then our writing group is just the thing. Here, the focus is on the exchange with other students. You will be supported by writing challenges and a pool of writing methods. The writing group is open to students of all disciplines.

It's easier to write together than alone. And we now know how well that works digitally!

Workshops for students

During the semester break, many students are faced with an intensive writing phase - the term paper or even several term papers need to be written. The event series Short-Cuts accompanies you during this phase. Twice a week, you will receive a short 30-minute impulse for writing your academic paper.

2-day workshop for writing the first term papers. The focus is on writing academically as well as on getting to know and trying out methods for mastering individual work steps, from narrowing down the topic to dealing with academic literature and revising the paper.

The various steps in writing a thesis are covered in the topic blocks writing process, research question and objective, reading and processing literature, and text revision. The topics can be chosen individually and according to personal needs.

1-day workshop for planning the final thesis and individual work steps. The focus is on methods for generating and structuring ideas, writing and revision techniques, and receiving guided feedback from fellow students.

Text revision can sometimes result in unnecessary revision loops. In this workshop, you'll learn different strategies for effectively revising your texts.

Writing academic texts can be challenging for a variety of reasons. In this workshop, questions and strategies will be considered together in order to become more confident in formulating one's own academic work.

This short workshop is about the topic "reading to write". The focus is on getting to know and trying out different reading methods that will help you to pursue your reading goal with an adapted approach.

This preparatory short workshop is all about the little things you should know before writing your first academic text. Topics covered include the general writing process, the difference between topic and question, and how to make arrangements with supervisors.

In dem Kurzworkshop geht es darum, was ein Plagiat ausmacht und wie du mit soliden Arbeitstechniken vermeiden kannst zu plagiieren.

10 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Academic Writing. This online workshop is designed to be self-paced with explanatory videos and matching exercises. It is intended for anyone who already has (some) experience with academic writing.

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Workshops for PhD students

This half-day workshop is aimed at students who are interested in doing a PhD. How do you find a well-defined PhD topic? And how can you reconcile your own ideas with the real requirements and possibilities?

This one-day workshop is aimed at PhD students at the beginning of their doctorate who currently want or need to write an exposé for their thesis. The exposé may be intended for the student's own topic clarification, the supervisor or for a scholarship application.

In this one-day workshop, everything revolves around the most important prerequisites for starting the PhD writing project well prepared, motivated and goal-oriented. The workshop is aimed at PhD students of all faculties who are at the beginning of the PhD phase.

This one-day workshop focuses on the process of writing in the narrower sense and shows various possibilities, approaches, exercises and strategies for getting texts around the PhD going. The workshop is aimed at PhD students of all faculties who are just starting to write or are in the middle of a writing phase.

Academic writing usually does not get along without a profound revision of existing outlines, drafts and text fragments. This one-day workshop is aimed at PhD students in the middle and towards the end of their PhD studies who have already produced text and now want to find the common thread.

In this workshop we will focus on how to deal with peer reviews. It is aimed at all academics in the earlier stages of their career who need to revise texts after peer reviews, for example, submissions to an edited volume or to a journal.

Female PhD students in the final months of the PhD meet (digitally) for self-directed writing and working groups to motivate themselves on the last meters of the dissertation, to work in a focused way and to exchange ideas about challenges. To this end, there are regular short focus meetings to set goals and write. The focus meetings are framed by three half-day workshops that offer content input as well as time for writing.

10 Things You Always Wanted to Know About Academic Writing. This online workshop is designed to be self-paced with explanatory videos and matching exercises. It is intended for anyone who already has (some) experience with academic writing.

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Offers for faculty members

Plagiarism is often seen only as annoying misconduct by students, but it also raises central questions of academic practice or points to the fact that important practices are unclear. This one-day workshop for teachers provides information about the very different causes of plagiarism and shows how to support students in acquiring skills that make copying unnecessary.

Once a year, we offer the training program TEACHING WRITING ("SCHREIBEN LEHREN"). The practice-oriented continuing education qualifies you to develop writing workshops and writing-intensive courses in your discipline and to accompany students on their way into the writing culture of your subject.

Peer feedback in your course! With the Textographers program, we want to strengthen writing in the subjects and support writing-affine teaching that combines subject content and academic writing. Textographers are students from your subject who are trained by us and accompany your subject-specific course for one semester with text feedback for your students.

We offer you the opportunity to have us assist you in planning individual event sessions or entire writing-intensive courses, or to address questions about incorporating writing into teaching.

We've created a collection of tips and ideas for developing expert writing, reading, and text feedback techniques for your digital course. We also talk about using various digital tools and formats for this purpose. Plus, we're happy to share a number of our favorite methods with you!

Sometimes you write as a teacher yourself... We've put together 10 things you always wanted to know about academic writing. The result is an online workshop with explanatory videos and suitable exercises to work on yourself.

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