writ­ten at home!

An online writing group for lonely writing days

It's easier to write together than alone. And we now know how well this works digitally.

The rules are simple:

  • daheimgeschrieben! takes place online on Discord. This is a comprehensive voice and text chat for computers and smartphones
  • As always, you write on your own device and in your usual word processing programme
  • There are various channels in the Discord writing group where different things happen
  • In an info channel, we structure the day into writing and break phases for you
  • At the beginning of a writing day, everyone posts their goals for the day
  • During the daheimgeschrieben! you will regularly receive new challenges - small tasks that make writing more exciting, easier and perhaps even better. Whether you accept the challenges or prefer to concentrate on writing through them is up to you
  • At the end of each writing day, everyone is awarded stars in the corresponding channel for the writing goals they have achieved
  • You can ask all your questions about academic writing, answer each other's questions and give each other tips in a question box
  • And finally, in break and group channels, there will be the opportunity to chat with other writers orally or in writing

Date: The next date will be announced in good time.

Your contact person is Dr Andrea Karsten.

Note: The writing group is primarily intended for exchange between participants and is not designed as a workshop format.

Sie schreiben eine Seminar- oder Abschlussarbeit? Sie haben Probleme bei der Suche nach wissenschaftlicher Literatur? Stellen Sie Ihre Fragen in den fachspezifischen Rechercheworkshops der Universitätsbibliothek und erfahren Sie, welche Kataloge und Datenbanken für Ihr Thema relevant sind. Nach einem kurzen Einstieg in Suchstrategien und -techniken recherchieren Sie unter Anleitung in Kleingruppen und lernen Tricks und Tipps für die Literatursuche kennen. Die Mitarbeiter/innen bieten Ihnen individuelle Unterstützung, die speziell auf die Fragestellungen Ihrer Arbeit abgestimmt ist.

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