What are the writ­ing days?

The writing days are your personal and binding appointment with your writing project. Stay on the ball and write through your project for several days at a time! An exclusive range of short workshops, counselling and active recreation will help you to get into a good working process. Whether you prefer to work in the library, be inspired by new ways of working in a workshop or write in a writing group is up to you. The writing days offer you the opportunity to choose and organise your working environment in the way you need for motivated and concentrated work. Let yourself be spurred on by the company of like-minded people, because together you write less alone!

When? 04.03. to 07.03.2024

What: For four days, we offer you a motivating and stimulating writing environment with numerous offers: Writing advice, short workshops, yoga and brain breaks, writing café and the power of peer pressure in its most beautiful form. Here you can find the currentprogramme. And here you can find out more about thecounselling and workshop offer.

How does a writing day work? We meet at 9.15 am and start together with a short input. If you like, you can get in the mood for the writing day with a yoga session from 8.30 am to 9.10 am. Then it's time to set goals for the day under guidance and finally everyone will go into the individual work process with reading or writing phases, small workshops or counselling sessions as required. BrainBreaks and a lunch together in the canteen are available for your active breaks. At the end of the writing day, we all meet in the writing café to celebrate the goals we have achieved and to build up anticipation for the next day.

Where: The base station for the writing days is Q0.101. This is where the daily kick-off and the writing café take place, there is also a contact point for your questions and of course you can write and work there in company. Level I2 of the University Library is available for quiet work.

Who can take part? Students and doctoral candidates from all faculties are cordially invited.

Registration has started. You can register here ( library).

The Writing Days are organised by the Competence Centre for Writing, the University Library, Pro-Lernen, the Graduate Centre of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Centre for Spelling Competence and University Sports.

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