Ob­ject­ive and tasks

The central aim of the office is to locate potential vulnerabilities or errors in the operations process and to propose practical remedies in collaboration with the respective organisational unit. We consider aspects such as correctness, suitability and efficiency.
Our goal in this is not to identify as many problems as possible in the areas examined. Rather, based on our analysis of processes in close cooperation with the respective unit, we aim to work out proposals on how processes and procedures can be optimised in the future according to modern administrative behaviour.
We see ourselves as a service provider that performs its task on the basis of an open dialogue with the respective organisational units.
We provide our services both as part of the annual audit planning and as an audit-independent advisory service for individual areas or work processes.

Our activities cover all units of the university. We have the following advisory and auditing responsibilities:

  • advising decision-makers by analysing facts and processes and developing recommendations for their improvement
  • performing of audits regarding compliance with applicable law
  • checks and reviews of the payment processes according to § 9 para. 4 HWFVO
  • supporting external examiners
  • supporting the university executive management board in the practice of legal supervision over the student body’s budget


        Bylaws for the Organisational Advice and Internal Auditing Office


Organisational Advice and Internal Auditing Office
Isabel von Bremen  -  V1.104, Tel. 3100
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