Risk notice for the electronic submission of theses/study papers

If you use a different e-mail address, this harbours considerable risks.

For example:

Email communication between external servers may expose the content of the email (similar to a postcard) and is a gateway for attackers in particular. Confidentiality risks and unauthorised access to the email communication by third parties cannot be ruled out. Attachments in particular are often used by attackers to spread malware. Furthermore, the recipient of the email (examination secretariat and supervisor) cannot easily ensure the trustworthiness of your person and the content of the email. In addition, emails from external servers can be blocked by the recipient's spam filter and not delivered.

Make sure you use the correct e-mail address when sending e-mails. Sending emails to the wrong email address will in most cases lead to unauthorised disclosures to third parties.

Information on data protection can be found in this document.