Maternity leave for students


This page serves as orientation and navigation for pregnant and breastfeeding students regarding the regulations of the Maternity Protection Act in the version of 23.05.2017.

It cannot be ruled out that there may be health risks for you or your unborn child during your studies in some courses. This could be the case in particular during natural science or engineering internships, workshop or laboratory activities, excursions, practical sporting events or school contacts with children in the teaching degree course. After you have informed us of your pregnancy, a so-called risk assessment must be carried out so that hazards can be identified and appropriate protective measures can be taken. This is carried out by the responsible contact person of the faculty concerned in consultation with you and the responsible department for occupational safety, health and environmental protection of the university.

You can use a form to notify the university of your pregnancy. This is in your interest and serves to ensure that you comply with the protective regulations of the Maternity Protection Act. In addition, you can use the form to apply for reimbursement of the costs of issuing the pregnancy certificate and explicitly declare that you waive the protective regulations of the Maternity Protection Act with regard to examinations if you wish to take examinations during the period of maternity protection.

Information on risk assessment

There are various potential hazards for pregnant women during their studies. Below you will find the risk assessments for the General Study Conditions and the Specific Risk Assessments.

General study conditions

Specific risk assessments

These risk assessment sheets are intended to help you familiarise yourself with potential hazards in advance and serve as a basis for a discussion with the maternity protection officers at your faculty.

You can find further information on the intranet on the web pages of the Department 5.3

Notification of pregnancy

Please inform us of your pregnancy using this form.


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