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Individual Writing Consultation

We accompany you and your writing project in our consultation hours. All meetings are confidential. Together we will look for individual solutions to your questions and concerns about academic writing .

Below you find a small list of questions that we get asked frequently:

  •     How does academic writing actually work?
  •     How can I motivate myself to get started?
  •     How can I structure my text in a coherent way?
  •     How can I plan my writing process and set realistic goals?
  •     How do I figure out what I want to say in the first place?
  •     How do I deal with (negative) feedback and how can I revise my text?
  •     How do I know which rules apply to my text?

Your question is not in the list or you are not sure what exactly you want to know yet? No problem, we can explore it together!

We offer different settings of writing consultation:

Peer Consultation - From peers to peers (Studentische Schreibberatung)

From students for students - Writing consultation, feedback on parts of your texts or just some time to talk about academic writing.

Please send an e-mail to make an appointment!


Consultation from research associates to students

Writing consultation for your questions concerning all writing tasks during your studies with one of our research associates.

Please send an e-mail to make an appointment!


Consultation for Freshmen/Students in their first year

Writing consultation for students on basic questions about academic writing.

Please send an e-mail to make an appointment!


Individual writing consultation for Ph.D. students

Writing consultation for all your questions about the writing process as a Ph.D. student.

Please send an e-mail to make an appointment!


Of course, you can talk to us and get feedback about your academic texts in EnglishConsultations in other languages and on texts in other languages are also possible on request.

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