Trans­ition from Bach­el­or to Mas­ter

In general, the regular application and enrolment process for the desired Master's degree programme must be carried out.

Please note, however:

  • The course of study that entitles you to enter the Master's degree programme must have been completed by 30 September (if you wish to start your Master's degree programme in the winter semester) or 31 March (if you wish to start your Master's degree programme in the summer semester) at the latest. This means that all coursework must have been completed by this date.
  • The application deadline is before the above-mentioned dates and must be adhered to. The Bachelor's degree certificate does not have to be available/uploaded at the time of application.
  • The deadline for subsequent enrolment can be found in the enrolment deadlines. Among other things, the Bachelor's degree certificate must be submitted for successful enrolment.
  • If you do not have your certificate by the enrolment deadline, you can submit a provisional certificate of your Bachelor's degree. The certificate must contain the date of the last examination (this must be before the dates mentioned in point 1) as well as the signature and stamp of the university. For Bachelor students of Paderborn University, it is possible to apply for the certificate at the Central Examination Office - this requires a 4.0 certificate of the previously unregistered achievement(s).
  • If you are already studying at Paderborn University, you can find additional information on changing your degree programme here.
  • Note from the BAföG office to avoid reclaims: For a Master's degree programme, a new application for educational support must be submitted, even if the BAföG for the (already completed) Bachelor's degree programme is still being paid. Further information can be found on the pages of the Studierendenwerk.