Study organisation

Semester duration and lecture period

Here you will find the semester and lecture dates for the current semester and the following semester.

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Re-registration, contributions and fees

If you wish to continue your studies in the same degree programme after the end of the semester, you must re-register. This is deemed to have been carried out if the semester fees have been paid in full to the university's account by the deadline. Special provisions apply for visiting and second semester students as well as for semesters on leave.

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Forms and applications

... on various topics, e.g: Leave of absence, de-registration, change of master data, change of status (primary/secondary membership), refund of semester fees, application for a replacement student ID card, issuing of a pension certificate, extension of trial studies, change of voting rights or accident report.

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Applying for a new degree programme/subject

If you would like to change your degree programme/subject or study additionally, you must submit an application via PAUL. The transition from a Bachelor's to a Master's degree is also considered a change of degree programme. Find out how to apply for a change of degree programme and parallel studies and what you need to bear in mind.

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Leave of absence

A semester of leave can be granted upon application if important grounds are proven. The leave of absence is granted for the duration of one semester. Find out here what important grounds there are, what deadlines need to be observed and how to submit the application.

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Exmatriculate or cancel a degree programme

Would you like to end your studies at Paderborn University or are you enrolled in several degree programmes and would like to withdraw from a degree programme? Find out how to apply for the cancellation of a degree programme and de-registration and what you need to bear in mind.

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