Enrolment documents

This page is intended to provide an initial overview of the documents you may need for successful enrolment.

As there are many different situations, it is not possible to provide a definitive list here.

You will be informed of the required documents at a suitable point during the application and enrolment process.

The documents must be uploaded in a common format (PDF, JPEG, PNG, GiF) within the online enrolment process.

  • Proof of payment of the semester fees
  • Current electronic health insurance certificate
  • Certificate of higher education entrance qualification or notification of professional qualification
  • ID card or passport (ID number and access number - to the right of the expiry date - should be made unrecognisable)
  • Proof of the expectation check (mandatory in degrees/subjects from economics, mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology)
  • Proof of an Aptitude test taken or recognised at Paderborn University (certain degree programmes/subject areas in the fields of art, music and sport)
  • DSH certificate or equivalent proof (if the admission requirements were not acquired at a German-speaking institution in German)
  • Proof of foreign language skills (for certain teacher training programmes and Bachelor's degree programmes in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities)
  • Certificate of enrolment from the primary university (for secondary membership students, they are exempt from submitting proof of health insurance and from paying semester fees)
  • Declaration of consent from the legal representative (minors)
  • Certificate of exmatriculation from the last university attended (if it is not Paderborn University)
  • University degree certificate (for applicants who have already completed a degree programme at a university other than Paderborn University)
  • Certificate of placement (for enrolment in higher semesters) - exception: "returnees", i.e. applicants who were already enrolled at Paderborn University in the chosen degree programme/subjects do not usually require a certificate of placement.
  • Certificate of non-objection (for applicants who have definitively failed in a degree programme/subject area in their previous studies) - for more information, please contact the Central Examination Office
  • Proof of subject-specific qualifications (possibly for Master's applicants) - You will receive relevant information by email after your application.