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Uni­ver­sity-wide ex­am­in­a­tion re­gis­tra­tion phase SoSe 2024

Mon, 22.04. (0:00 h) to Wed, 22.05.2024 (23:59 h)
(Fak. KW / ZfS until 26.06.2024)

At the University of Paderborn the exam registration takes place online in PAUL in the period from 22.04. (0:00 h) to 22.05.2024 (23:59 h).

Examination registration in the Faculty KW ends on 26.06.2024.

Please note that for all modules of the Faculty of Business and Economics (M.184.**** and M.IBS.****) an examination registration is automatically carried out with the module registration (implicit examination registration).

Wed, 26.06.2024

End of exam registration for summer semester exams of the Faculty KW and the Centre for Language Teaching (ZfS)