In­di­vidu­al writ­ing con­sulta­tion for Ph.D. stu­dents

Writing a dissertation is such a challenge! Therefore, the writing consultation for Ph.D. students aims to find individual solutions for all questions concerning the Ph.D. project and the writing process.

For your guidance, below is a small set of questions that many doctoral students face:

  • How do I find time to write?
  • How do I narrow down my topic in a reasonable way?
  • How can I motivate myself in new ways?
  • What are my next important steps on the way to a Ph.D.?
  • How do I deal with writing crises?
  • What is my contribution to my research field, and how do I put it into words?
  • How can I connect text fragments into a meaningful whole?

Some of these and other questions can be answered in a one-time consultation. However, we would also be pleased to accompany you over a longer period of time in your writing process and work on your doctoral thesis.

Please contact us to appoint an individual consultation!

Contact person: Dr. Andrea Karsten


Please notice:

Taking part in advanced counseling training, Susan Holtfreter is currently offering a writing consultation with several consecutive counseling sessions for doctoral students, which you can attend free of charge.

The solution-focused counseling sessions provide you with individual support during your doctoral process and help you, for example, with decision-making or clarifying difficult situations related to your dissertation. The topics and consulting goals are open and can be worked out together.

If you are interested in attending this consultation or have any questions, please contact Susan Holtfreter. Please note: the number of counseling opportunities is limited and will be assigned on a first-come-first-served basis.