Über uns

Die Studentische Schreibberatung begleitet dich auf Augenhöhe beim wissenschaftlichen Schreiben. Wir bieten Angebote in einem bewertungsfreien Raum durch schreibdidaktisch und beraterisch ausgebildete Studierende.


We offer advice and workshops on academic writing for students. Our aim is to support you in your writing project on an equal footing. We work together with you on your texts - these can be current, future or even older works. In addition, we impart knowledge about the writing process, can provide methods and strategies for writing in the sense of "help for self-help" and always have an open ear to talk with you about writing and concrete writing projects.

You! The offer of the "Studentische Schreibberatung" is addressed to all students of the University of Paderborn, regardless of faculty or field of study.

You can make an appointment for a consultation (online and face-to-face) via mail or spontaneously come to one of our office hours - no matter how far along you are with your writing project. What exactly happens in the consultation depends on your concerns and questions. That's why we don't offer any patent remedies, but rather teach you techniques with which you can reflect on and further develop your writing strategies. If you have a writing project, just bring it with you and we'll look at it together.

The "Studentische Schreibberatung" offers office hours during the lecture period as well as during the semester break. You can find our current consulting hours here. Alternatively, appointments can be made via studentische.schreibberatung[at]upb.de

Grundsätzlich kannst du mit allen Fragen zum wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten und Schreiben zu uns kommen. Wir unterstützen dich zum Beispiel dabei ein Thema zu finden, Thema und Fragestellung einzugrenzen, deine Gliederung zu überarbeiten, Schreibblockaden zu überwinden oder Texte auszubauen. Außerdem bieten wir konkrete und konstruktive Rückmeldung zu deinen Texten an [siehe nächster Punkt]. Wir können aber auch gerne einfach ein bisschen über deine Arbeit und darüber, was dich daran beschäftigt, sprechen.

Alle Anliegen sind in jeder Phase des Studiums möglich, von der Planung der ersten Hausarbeit bis zur Fertigstellung der Abschlussarbeit – du darfst also zu uns kommen, egal wie und wo du gerade stehst :).

Generally, you can come to us with all questions about academic research and writing. We can help you, for example, to find a topic, to narrow down your topic and question, to revise your outline, to overcome writer's block or to expand your text. We also offer concrete and constructive feedback on your texts [see next point]. We can also just talk a bit about your work and what's on your mind about it.

Regardless of where you are in your studies, you can come to us at any stage, from the planning of your first paper to the completion of your final thesis :).

If you would like feedback on your text, please email us a 3-4 page text excerpt with at least 72 hours notice, your feedback request, and your desired office hour or other possible time slot to discuss.

We are happy to give you feedback about the structure, the "red thread", the argumentation, the reader-friendliness, the reader guidance, the comprehensibility or similar concerns. Depending on the need for discussion and the nature of the concerns, we can also manage to discuss several aspects in one session. It would be nice if you could let us know in advance what you would like to get feedback on in each session.

Unfortunately, we cannot offer editing or proofreading services for texts. If you are unsure about spelling, punctuation and grammar, you can find help at the "Orthografiezentrum". You can find a list of possible contacts here.

Very few students know how to write academic papers at the beginning of their studies, and during this learning process they are always faced with new challenges. Writing is a craft that can be learned!

You can make an appointment with us via mail for a Zoom or a face-to-face consultation (if there is no alternative: even outside office hours!), no matter how far along you are with your writing project! We don't have to address all your questions/concerns in one session either, because you are welcome to come to the consultation several times.

The eye level! We provide advice from students for students and do not make any assessments. There are no "stupid" or wrong questions. You can also ask questions about academic work that you would perhaps not ask during an office hour with your lecturers. If certain questions can only be answered in consultation with the lecturers, we can help you prepare for a consultation.

Sometimes we enjoy it, sometimes we don't. Academic writing is always a challenge for us, too. We are students like you and have the same questions and difficulties. In our opinion, writing should not have to be a solitary task that you do by yourself at your desk, which is what we want to encourage with the "Schreibetage" and "Rudelschreiben". Sharing your writing project with others can often be helpful. It provides a new perspective and helps to reassess and develop one's own writing.

Here you can find information and contact persons.

If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to use the "Misch-dich-ein-Button" or contact us via our mail address studentische.schreibberatung[at]upb.de.