Internal Cooperation

Cooperating with faculty, departments and their students as well as other institutions at Paderborn university plays an essential role in the context of our daily business and further development. 

Cooperating with Faculty and Departments

It is important to us to meet the specific needs that different disciplines confront. It is our goal to collaboratively create suitable formats. Examples are:

  • subject-specific workshop for final theses in mechanical engineering (winter term 2016/2017)
  • subject-specific workshop for PhD students in computer science (summer term 2017) 
  • subject specific workshop for students in economics (“Exzellenzseminar”) (summer term 2017)
  • subject-specific workshop for PhD students in chemistry (summer term 2017)

If you’re interested in a subject-specific format or an introduction in our working method, offers and different programs, don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Programs Supporting Writing in the Disciplines 

In order to promote process-oriented writing in a sustainable and effective manner in teaching, we offer training courses for instructors off all faculty (Weiterbildung Schreiben Lehren). Moreover, we support writing-intensive teaching by means of writing tutors that provide feedback in the disciplines they come from (Textograph_innen-Programm).

Cooperating with other UPB-Service Institutions

The writing center Kompetenzzentrum Schreiben works with the following of the university’s service institutions:

Local and International Networking