Status of the ap­plic­a­tion

You can view the status of your application(s) under "Meine Bewerbungen".

The following types of status may occur:

Status Applicant group Meaning
Offen (open) all You can edit and submit or delete and restart your application. The application is considered not received in the application system. It will not be considered in the selection procedure (restricted-admission degree programmes) or in the enrolment procedure (open-admission degree programmes).
Abgeschickt (submitted) all Processing has been completed and the application has been sent. If you would still like to make changes to the application, you can do so by resetting the application to "open" status and resubmitting it by the application deadline. Please contact application support for this.
Empfangen (received) all The application has been received in the system without technical errors. Changes are only possible via application support (resetting the application to "open" status) until the application deadline.
Contact IO International If your application has the status "Contact IO", please contact the International Office.
zuzulassen (to be admitted) restricted admission, no DoSV You have been offered a place on your chosen degree programme in the selection procedure. Your letter of admission will be issued promptly and filed in PAUL under Application/My documents.
abzulehnen (to be rejected) restricted admission, no DoSV Unfortunately, you have not been offered a place on your chosen degree programme in the selection procedure. You will find the letter of rejection in PAUL under Application/My documents. Please note that you may still be offered a place in a succession procedure.
Zulassungsangebot liegt vor (admission offer is available) admission restricted, DoSV An offer of admission has been made for your application. As soon as the offer in the DoSV (active or passive) becomes an admission, you will receive a letter of admission in the application portal under My documents .
Zulassungsangebot aktuell nicht möglich (admission offer currently not possible) admission restricted, DoSV Your application is currently not in the admission-restricted field in the selection procedure. If you receive an offer of admission due to continuous advancement in the DoSV, your status will change accordingly. If there is no offer of admission at the end of the procedure, you will find the rejection notice in the DoSV portal.
Imma-Antrag möglich (enrolment request possible) all You can apply for online enrolment in the application portal via the left side menu.
Imma-Antrag unvollständig (enrolment request incomplete) all Documents/information in your enrolment application are missing or incorrect. The processing of the application has been reactivated and can be accessed again via the Online enrolment tab. The application also contains the Processing status page, on which the documents to be corrected are listed.
Imma-Antrag: Frist abgelaufen (deadline for enrolment request has expired) all The enrolment deadline (= cut-off deadline) for this application has expired, enrolment is no longer possible in the current procedure. If you are still interested in the programme, please enquire about the possibilities of a lottery procedure.
Keine Einschreibung möglich (enrolment not possible) all Possible obstacles to enrolment are incorrect information in the application or missing requirements (e.g. higher education entrance qualification, language skills, passed Aptitude test Art/Music/Sport).
In Bearbeitung (in progress) all The application has been reviewed but cannot yet be finalised. In the case of an internal Master's application, for example, we are waiting for the Bachelor's degree to be reported in the system. Applications will be contacted by email if there are any queries.

Differences to DoSV status information

(relevant for applications for single-subject Bachelor's degree programmes with restricted admission in the 1st semester of study)

During the application phase, the status information on the portals differs as follows:


Web Hochschulstart

abgeschickt (sent)

eingegangen (received)

empfangen (received, technically accepted)

eingegangen (received)

empfangen (received, released for ranking)

gültig (valid)

Once the ranking lists have been released on, the status information on both web portals is identical. Status changes are possible at any time and result, among other things, from the actual allocation or (non-)acceptance of places. On, the status is explained in more detail via the i-button next to the application status.