Do I have an ad­vant­age as a res­ult of a civil/mil­it­ary ser­vice?

This question is only important when applying for admission-restricted degree programmes/subjects.

In principle, recognised service is

  • the fulfilment of service obligations in accordance with Article 12a of the Basic Law and the assumption of such service obligations and corresponding services for a period of up to three years,

  • the fulfilment of voluntary military service as a special civic commitment in accordance with the Soldiers Act,

  • the completion of federal voluntary service in accordance with the Federal Voluntary Service Act,

  • at least twelve months of service as a development aid worker in accordance with the Development Aid Workers Act,

  • completion of youth voluntary service as defined by the Youth Voluntary Service Act or as part of a pilot project sponsored by the Federal Government,

  • looking after or caring for a child under the age of 18 or a person in need of care from the circle of other relatives for a period of up to three years.

There are two different types of case:

1. You have performed recognised service and have not yet received admission to the desired degree programme from Paderborn University in a previous semester.

In the case of equal ranking (same average grade and same number of waiting semesters or, in the case of a second degree programme, the same number of points), the applicant with recognised service will be given preference over the applicant without service.
Please indicate whether you have completed recognised service in the "personal data" section of your application . The corresponding proof must only be submitted after the selection procedure as part of the enrolment process.

2. You have been admitted to the University of Paderborn in previous semesters and were unable to commence your studies due to service

In this case, you are entitled to be readmitted to the degree programme indicated in the previous admission notice after the end of your service. The right to preferential treatment can be exercised by submitting a special request no later than the second selection procedure after the end of service. The special request must be submitted as part of the application within the application deadlines, including all supporting documents.


Note: The period of service completed after obtaining the university entrance qualification is automatically counted as a waiting semesters for an application for a first degree programme.