Guest aud­it­or­i­um

If you would like to attend individual courses at Paderborn University and are not seeking a degree, you can be admitted as a guest auditor (subject to availability).

About the guest auditor programme:

  • A higher education entrance qualification is not required for admission as a guest auditor.
  • Guest auditors are not authorised to take examinations. However, they can obtain a certificate of course attendance from the respective faculty on request.
  • Due to the limited number of participants, proof of space must be provided by the Centre for Language Teaching (ZfS) for admission to language courses.
  • Admission can be applied for throughout the year within PAUL and is always for the duration of one semester. If you wish to attend courses as a guest student in another semester, you must apply for admission again.

A fee of €100 must be paid to the Paderborn University account for admission:

IBAN: DE22300500000001463215
Reason for payment: Guest auditor fee - [semester] - surname, first name

Once you have been admitted, you will receive a guest student card by post, but not a semester ticket.

Apply for guest auditor status now