Ad­mis­sion-free de­gree pro­grammes/sub­jects

Admission-free means that there are sufficient places available in the degree programme/subject area and no selection procedure has to be carried out.

Important for teacher training and other multi-subject degree programmes:

You only apply for an admission-free degree programme if all of the subjects are admission-free.

Where can I see whether my degree programme/subject is admission-free?

You can see whether a degree programme/subject is admission-free in the study offer. In the list of all available study options, degree programmes with admission restrictions are marked with an "NC" (Numerus Clausus). You can also use the "Study place allocation" filter to search explicitly for admission-free or restricted degree programmes/subject areas. You will also find information on the selection procedure on the individual degree programme/subject pages.

Is my place on an open-admission degree programme guaranteed?

There is no limited number of places on open-admission degree programmes. All applicants will be enrolled if they comply with the forms and deadlines of the application procedure, submit all required documents on time, have provided proof of the requirements for enrolment and there are no obstacles to enrolment.