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Verwaltung und Service

1.3 Investment and Financial Resource Planning, Reporting

Division Head Bettina Frühling - B2.207, 60 - 2561
Deputy Britta Götte - B2.301, 60 - 3875


Britta Götte - B2.301, 60 - 3875
Ulf Harms-Ensink - C2.203, 60 - 2534
Sonja Klöpping - B2.301, 60 - 4395
Martha Sondermann - B2.307, 60 - 2067­­

Investment and Financial Resource Planning


Investment and Financial Resource Planning

  • Planning
    • Distribution and provision of funds from the grant budget, quality improvement funds from the Higher Education Pact budget and from other special MKW funds
    • Statements on special applications and distribution proposals
    • Overall Expenditure controlling
    • Preparation of the business plan, management report and annual report

  • Fund allocation models
    • Acquisition, preparation and updating of basic statistical data for university-internal code-oriented allocation models (staff numbers, investments, students, graduates, doctoral and postdoctoral degrees, external funding)
    • Implementation of new allocation criteria and/or models, alignment/adjustment/verification of parameters for nationwide allocation models
    • General and specific documentation and information about funds allocation channels, criteria and models

  • Large-scale equipment
    • Information on large-scale equipment policy and procedures and support during application processes
    • Administrative preparation and follow-up of applications (review of predefined formal criteria, consultation with the MKW if clarification is needed, follow-up of remits concerning compliance with requirements, reports/supplementary reports to the MKW)
    • Recommendations for the university’s order of priority

University Reporting and Controlling Matters

  • Reporting
    • Development and systematisation of data from existing computer/IT applications
    • Documentation of basic university data (students, graduates, doctoral and postdoctoral degrees, staff, budget, external funds) according to various criteria and presentation in tabular and graphic form
    • Compilation, systematisation and, if applicable, annotation of data for planning purposes
    • Preparation of indicators and time lines for internal and university-wide comparison
    • Verification of centrally collected data (MKW, IT.NRW), error analysis and instigation of corrections, improvement of communication/notification procedures

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