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Course description

Nr. 319.01

Good Research Practice for (Post-)Doctoral Researchers


08th – 09th December 2022, 09.30 am - 2.30 pm

Location online

Target Group

Doctoral researchers of all Faculties
Language English

Group Size

max. 24 participants


Professional research plays a crucial role during the doctorate. Researchers are responsible to ensure that their own conduct complies with the standards of good research practice. The seminar will introduce the fundamental issues of research integrity. In particular, the seminar will adress the DFG code of conduct „Guidelines for Safeguarding Good Research practice“, but also refers to the specific guidelines of Paderborn University.

A. Basics of responsible conduct and professional ethos of a researcher

  • Introduction: Research, ethical principles and ethos
  • Basic (inter-)national recommendations and regulations for safeguarding good research practice and research integrity
  • Research misconduct: Examples, elements of offense, reasons and consequences (incl. excursus on plagiarism and copyright)

B. General Responsibilities

  • Quality management, research design and documentation/archiving
  • Publication process, authorship and review of manuscripts
  • Supervision: Expectations, duties and roles
  • Organizational culture: Collaboration, communication, prevention and dealing with conflict
  • Procedures in case of suspicion and relevant contact points

C. Important specific responsibilities

  • Important prior to any data collection: Authorization or permission relevant research
  • Additional possible topics (depending on research areas of the participants): Research on animals / Research on humans /  Surveys, interviews, data privacy and security issues of personal data in research


Input phases, specific case examples, discussion, as well as individual and group work phases
Trainer Dr. Christian Dumpitak
Trainer´s Background

Dr. Christian Dumpitak is managing director of the Graduate Academy iGRAD at Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf. Since 2010 he has been involved in good research practictice (GRP) in different academic contexts and committees and gives GRP-courses for various universities and research institutions.

Organizational information

The course will be conducted as online seminar via the platform ZOOM and using boards. You will need a pc/ laptop with speakers, microphone and camera. 

Course materials will be provided in electronic form during the course.

Registration Deadline

2 weeks before start of the event

On the registration deadline we decide on the basis of the registrations whether an event can take place or not. Therefore, please register promptly if you are interested! The more registrations we receive, the more certain we can hold the event. Of course, you can still register after the registration deadline if there are still places available.


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