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Course description

Nr. 210.01

Clear at Glance - Designing Effective Academic Posters


24th June 2022, 09.00 am - 4.00 pm
Location Presence event

Target Group

Postdocs, Doctoral Candidates of all disciplines
Language English

Group Size

max. 12 participants


Participants will

  • be aware that any poster design starts by preparing a concise concept and a clear content structure
  • know how to apply the key elements of design for a poster creation (text, colour, images, visualisation, white space, etc.)
  • aquire knowledge about the main principles of graphic design and layout (alignment, proportion, design grid, composition, typography, etc.)
  • know how to set up and work with poster templates


Poster sessions are an integral part of almost every scientific conference. Their purpose is to highlight research results, visualize them, and stimulate discussion. To draw your audience in, you need a crystal-clear message, a text format optimized for best readability and well-chosen graphics. And above all, you need to think well through how to organize your research content on the required paper or e-poster format.

Basic rules of graphic design and layout technique will help you to present your research visually well organized and compelling. The course will equip you with both the concepts and the practical design skills and provides the possibility to put directly into practice what you have learned as well as to get useful feedback from group and trainer.

Acquire the necessary knowledge to create a compelling poster to effectively communicate your research. If you come well prepared, you may come away from the training with a finalized poster. 


Brigit Lukowski
Trainer´s Background

Birgit Lukowski is a communication designer and trainer based in Berlin,
and the author of various practice-oriented workshop concepts specialising on the areas of communication, graphic design, and presentation skills. Her seminars are being offered at numerous graduate schools across Germany.

Organizational information

You are warmly invited to bring material (text, images, graphs etc.) of your current research work or recently designed posters, as well as your laptops, preferably equipped with PowerPoint or a comparable application of your choice.

Registration Deadline

2 weeks before start of the event

On the registration deadline we decide on the basis of the registrations whether an event can take place or not. Therefore, please register promptly if you are interested! The more registrations we receive, the more certain we can hold the event. Of course, you can still register after the registration deadline if there are still places available.


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