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Developing Intercultural Competence

Referent/in Munira Jamal, M.A., Intercultural, Academic Skills and Language Trainer,
Termine 22.02. and 23.02.2017, 8:30 – 15:30 h
Zielgruppe The workshop is held in English and is open to anyone interested in the topic. International PhD students and postdocs are particularly encouraged to attend. You should bring a basic knowledge of English so as to be able to participate in discussions and group activities. Perfect English is by no means required.
Teilnehmerzahl Max. 10
Inhalt In professional life intercultural competence is an important asset, especially when you are working with people from different cultural backgrounds. Taking a closer look at the way we relate to others and reflecting on our own and other people’s cultural practices and values can not only enhance the adjustment process in a new environment, but also help during re-entry which is the process of returning home. So how do you become interculturally competent and what is the meaning of culture in this context. What is your communication style and how is it perceived by others? What types of challenges have you experienced in Germany and elsewhere and how did you deal with these?   Using concepts from the field of Intercultural Studies the workshop will cover these and similar issues in an informative, enjoyable and supportive way, giving everyone a chance to participate. The overall aim of the workshop is to increase cross-cultural awareness, develop skills for effective personal and professional communication and improve interaction in culturally diverse settings. A certificate of participation including description of training content will be issued upon completion of the workshop.
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