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English for Natural Scientists

English Writing Skills for Students of Natural Sciences (L.ZfS.04072)

This course has been designed to address the needs of students of Natural Sciences who would like to improve their English writing skills in their respective field of study. During the semester, students will learn how to prepare and write coherent texts in an academic language and register. They will broaden their skills in:

  • structuring texts
  • using proper academic register
  • avoiding common errors in writing
  • writing reports and abstracts
  • summarising information

Instead of a final exam, students will hand in several written assignments. Topics will be provided throughout the semester.


English for Students of Natural Sciences (L.ZfS.04070)

This course is designed for students of Natural Sciences who would like to strengthen both their oral and written English skills as well as work on their listening and reading skills. While dealing with current topics of the respective disciplines, students will broaden and apply their vocabulary as well as develop a coherent writing style. Participants will also obtain the possibility of refreshing some important grammatical structures. The course will cover topics such as:

  • describing processes
  • talking about research
  • writing summaries and reports
  • elaborating on style and register

The course finishes off with a final exam.


English Oral Skills for Students of Natural Sciences (L.ZfS. 04071)

This course is designed for students of Natural Sciences who would like to broaden their existing knowledge about presentation strategies and to polish their communicative skills for both their studies and future lives as professionals.

One of the core objectives of this class is to expand vocabulary and acquire advanced grammatical structures in order to give coherent speeches, discuss research and to start English conversations easily. Practical examples will help students deepen and apply the theoretical background learned in class.

The course allows for communication and interaction, so please come alert and ready for conversation. Students need to hand in several assignments/ presentations in order to pass the course.

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