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Autorenlesung im Hörsaal G Bildinformationen anzeigen
Experimentalvortrag im Audimax Bildinformationen anzeigen
Lernen im Gebäude O Bildinformationen anzeigen
Foyer mit Service Center Bildinformationen anzeigen

Autorenlesung im Hörsaal G

Foto: Universität Paderborn, Adelheid Rutenburges

Experimentalvortrag im Audimax

Foto: Universität Paderborn, Adelheid Rutenburges

Lernen im Gebäude O

Foto: Universität Paderborn, Adelheid Rutenburges

Foyer mit Service Center

Foto: Universität Paderborn, Adelheid Rutenburges

Das sagen ehemalige Austauschstudierende

“It was an amazing time meeting all the students from different parts of the world. You learn a lot from all the people and you make friends for life. Good luck everybody, and I am sure we will meet somewhere again.

Mitchel van der Wel, Netherlands




“This has been the happiest episode of my life & the best experience ever thanks to all of you! It was so awesome to have met you: we opened our minds, shared our culture & traditions. And I realized how special each of you can be! In my home in Italia special friends from all over the world will be always welcomed! Vi voglio bene :) Love, Angelica"

Angelica Zilli, Italy


“Last five months have been one of the most precious times in my life. I will never forget memories in Paderborn with amazing people that I have met here.”

Jinhyo Cho, South Korea


Lucia Kobelàrovà: Everyone is very friendly, although I was scared before my arrival that the Germans are cold. I can recommend the University of Paderborn.

Die Universität der Informationsgesellschaft