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International Economics and Management (english)
Master of Science (M.Sc.)

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International Economics and Management (english) - Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Anlauf- und Beratungsstellen
Regelstudienzeit4 Semester
Studienstart zum Sommer- und Wintersemester
ECTS 120


The admission requirements for the master’s program International Economics and Management (M.Sc.) include formal and content-related criteria as well as a proof of language skills. In case you cannot meet these requirements, you can make use of the grade compensation regulation in the fields of economics and quantitative methods, if applicable. Furthermore, a proof of language proficiencies in English as well as in German is required.

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At a glance

Internationalization is all around us: in our study content on global markets, multinational companies and international organizations, with our students and guest lecturers from all over the world and through our diverse opportunities to gain international experiences in Paderborn and at one of our more than 70 partner universities abroad.

What is it about?

Are you interested in how companies and entire economies operate in global markets? Are you fascinated about other cultures and economic areas and can you imagine working in an internationally operating company, research institution or in an international organization? Our Master's program in International Economics and Management – IEM for short – offers you a wide range of opportunities for living internationalization.

Our compulsory modules are taught in English. With regard to the further module selection during your studies, you are free to decide whether you want to fill your study plan only with modules taught in English language or to also include modules taught in German language. But it is not only through the modules taught in English language that you can improve your language skills and gain international experience. In addition, numerous partner universities as well as various cooperations around the world offer you the opportunity to spend a semester abroad, take part in a double-degree program, summer schools or short-term programs. More than one third of our students, thus your fellow students, come from abroad. In a weekly forum, we encourage cross-cultural exchange through social events, excursions, and exciting lectures.

We provide you with the necessary theoretical and methodological knowledge to answer the question of how global markets actually work, what influence they have on organizations and how a company can position itself successfully in these markets. At the same time the study plan offers a high degree of flexibility to enable you to tailor the program to your individual interests by establishing a focus in the fields of economics and management. This opens the door to leading and strategically oriented management positions in internationally operating companies, organizations and research institutions.

Study structure

Your course of study offers lots of flexibility. Only two compulsory modules provide you with basic methodological competences including mathematical abilities as well as empirical and econometric methods. In all other areas, you can choose your modules according to your interests and thus create your own profile.

Half of the freely selectable credit point (ECTS) are attributes to the area of "Economics", another quarter to the area of "Management" and for the last quarter you can choose from all modules of Business Administration and Economics. For example, you can decide to create an “International Management” focus by selecting more management modules or other business administration modules as general electives. Or you can give yourself a “Research-Oriented and Data Analysis” profile by chooseing additional credit points from the quantitative-methodological area. Our main departments (LINK) give you a good impression of the topics of our lecturers.

Furthermore, the master thesis contributes to your individual profile-building and career goal. You can write your thesis in any field of business administration, management and economics in order to apply your acquired knowledge you have gained during your studies to a scientific problem.

Study Tracks

The Master’s program “International Economics and Management” covers a wide spectrum of subjects and opens up the possibility of a variety of internationally oriented career paths. In order to make possible profiling within the degree program even more visible to the outside world, from winter semester 2021/22 there will be the option of choosing an informal study track within the master’s program. After completion this can then get indicated on the graduation certificate. It is also possible to bring in modules already taken in earlier semesters. Currently the following study tracks will be offered:

  • Cooperation and Competition
  • Data Science in Economics
  • Global Markets and Globalization

In order to obtain a study track, it is necessary to complete modules totaling 30 ECTS from the list of available modules corresponding to the chosen specialization as well as to write a study track specific master thesis. Further information on the study track, application process and the course lists can be found here.


International Studies

  • Double Master Program with Tohoku University: You study simultaneously at Paderborn University and at Tohoku University in Japan. The first and fourth semesters take place in Paderborn, whereas you complete semesters two and three in Japan. Thus, you can obtain a master’s degree in M. Sc. International Economics and Management (IEM) at Paderborn University as well as the Global Program in Economics and Management (GPEM) at Tohoku University, within the standard study period of four semesters. In preparation for the stay abroad, participation in an intensive Japanese language course is mandatory.
  • International Forum Economics and Management: The forum offers international and German students a platform for communication and exchange. Our members meet regularly for social activities, excursions and interesting discussions and thus get to know each other and different cultures.
  • Semester abroad: Each student has the opportunity to spend a semester abroad. You can choose the perfect place for your exchange semester from more than 70 partner universities. Our special focus is the Asian area as well as French and Spanish speaking countries.
  • Internationalization @Home: You can also gain international experience in Paderborn, even while being at home, so to speak. For example, you can take modules taught in English language. Most of the modules are led by guests from all over the world. You can also take part in a tandem language course or help with the integration of international students. Special highlights, however, are our short-term programs and summer schools. Here, you work in an international team on topics of business and economics for a few days. One example is the International Spring Program with Tohoku University from Japan which has taken place almost every year.
  • Asian Expertise: Together with our 10 partner universities in Asia we have established a particularly intensive connection to Asian countries. The core element of our Asian focus is the program in Asian Studies in Business and Economics (ASBE Program). Taking part in this program, you can gain profound knowledge of the Asian economic area, focus on Asian culture and spend half a year at one of our partner universities in China, Korea or Japan.



The Master’s program International Economics and Management prepares you for management positions in international companies and institutions. This means that you will actively analyze and form the strategic positioning of an organization. Knowing how organizations are affected by an international environment and knowing mechanisms of the global market, you can make scientifically sound decisions. Your specific field of application area then depends on your individually chosen study track.

The acquired economic and strategic skills will enable you to develop solutions and strategies for theoretical and practical problems no matter whether in the field of management, research or strategy development. Additionally, by taking modules in English language and getting in touch with other cultures you develop the key competences required for a career at an international level.

Possible career profiles:

  • Manager in a multinational firm
  • Management consultant, data analyst
  • Position in an international organization
  • Position in an NGO
  • Position in a financial institution or central bank
  • Research-oriented career

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