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A Wide Variety of Offerings for Individual Participants

The Paderborn certification program “Professional Teaching Competency for Higher Education” is directed at all teaching staff and/or any university employees otherwise involved in academics and academic structure. In particular, aspiring professors and career teaching professionals receive individualized and process-oriented support and training during their qualification phase. Non-university employees also have the possibility of taking part in university courses through the “Network for the Didatics of Higher Education” (Netzwerk Hochschuldidaktik NRW).

Are you interested in learning more about teaching in higher education? Or are you still looking for a suitable program for your needs?

Please get in touch! We can offer information and confidential advice tailored to your situation.


Departments, Organizational Units, Working Groups

In addition to broader, foundational topics, we also provide a variety of subject-specific offerings which are tailored to the particular conditions of particular faculties or (subject) departments.

Are you and your working group, chair, or department looking for individually designed didactic workshops or trainings? Ones that are based on your specific subject and its unique context? Please get in touch! We will find a suitable program for you and organize everything you need!


Amanda Sophie Fiege

Higher Education Development Office

Hochschuldidaktische Beratung, Organisation der dghd Jahrestagung 2022

Amanda Sophie Fiege
+49 5251 60-4332

The University for the Information Society