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e-learning courses for employees

The Staff Development team offers short e-learning training courses on a wide variety of topics for all academic and technical and administrative staff. You can follow these courses flexibly, as and when suits you.

As part of a pilot project, we are working with PINKTUM, which provides e-learning courses on topics such as leadership, communication, co-operation and other soft skills. The online courses give a short initial introduction to the respective topic.

Each course consists of several lessons with tutorial videos, exercises and, in some cases, downloadable checklists and overviews. Following completion of a final test, a certificate of attendance can be issued if desired.


Formats and available courses

A wide variety of online courses are available in two different formats:

Skills training

approx. 45-minute e-learning courses with professional actor sequences, content input, practice questions and learning material

Short seminars

approx. 120-minute recorded seminars by experts, some with additional learning material

You can find the full list of online courses available at the PINKTUM website or as pdf product catalogue. Most courses are also available in English, some in French/ Spanish/ Portuguese/ Italian or in English with Chinese subtitles.

Feel free to watch this short clip to get an idea of what the videos are like.



If you would like to take a course, please register using our registration form.

Leadership & Management
Team & Cooperation
Working Techniques
Contact Education and Training

Division 4.5 HR Development (Team)
Lea Dören: Tel. 2529 (course program)
Dr. Caroline Wozny: Tel. 3588 (services for technical/ administrative staff)
Dr. Johanna Braukmann: Tel. 3587 (services for academic staff/ professors)



If you would like to take a course, please register using our registration form.


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