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Continuing education and training at Paderborn University

Welcome to the Internal Continuing Education page! Our wide range of courses are aimed at all employee groups and university divisions and departments. Participation is free for employees. The courses offered cover topics such as communication, leadership, working methods and self-management, health and occupational safety, administration and organisation, IT, family and equality and career planning. 

On our page, you’ll also find an overview of other internal providers, external continuing education opportunities, e-learning courses, offers for teams, language courses and much more (see right-hand column).

Please also read the general information about our courses.

Want to see more topics? Then please contact the Internal Continuing Education team!

Internal Continuing Education programme

Below, you will find a list of courses that are conducted in English. Please refer to the German version of this website for a list of courses in German.

No. Title Date Target group


Pursuing an Academic Career in Germany


PhD students and Postdocs


Effective and Dynamic Scientific Presentations - Online and in Person


PhD students


Self-Marketing and Networking in Science 


Academic Staff


Nr. Seminartitel Starttermin Zielgruppe
904.02 Academic Writing in English I (B2/C1) 11.10.2022 Alle Mitarbeitenden
910.02 Presentation Skills (B2/C1) 11.10.2022 Alle Mitarbeitenden
911.02 Support for Teachers using English as a Medium of Instruction (STEMI) individuell Dozierende
905.02 Academic Writing in English II (C1/C2) 12.10.2022 Alle Mitarbeitenden
916.01 Academic Writing Meetups 07.11.2022 Promovierende und Postdocs


Contact Education and Training

Division 4.5 HR Development (Team)
Lea Dören: Tel. 2529 (course program)
Dr. Caroline Wozny: Tel. 3588 (services for technical/ administrative staff)
Dr. Johanna Braukmann: Tel. 3587 (services for academic staff/ professors)


E-Learning Services
Services for teams

Workshops for teams und working groups:
► Team development
► Health workshop

External education and training

Information regarding the participation in external seminars here

Further internal services

Education and training offers of other service units at Paderborn University:
► overview

Language courses
Further Events

Event Series "International Tuesdays": Exchange and networking regarding internationalization at Paderborn University

Event Series „intellectual property“: workshops of the "Verbund NRW Hochschul-IP"

DFG online event: equal opportunities in DFG funding procedures

The University for the Information Society