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Snow on campus. Show image information

Snow on campus.

Photo: Paderborn University, Johannes Pauly

Checklists for new employees and their supervisors and support staff

First steps for getting settled into your new job

Paderborn University would like to support you at the beginning of your new career and in the orientation phase at your new workplace.  Here you can download our checklist for new staff. There is also an additional checklist for the superiors of new staff and those responsible for overseeing the onboarding process.  Both checklists are available in English and German.

Many of the tasks on the checklist will be completed in advance by your organisational unit or will be dealt with in the first few days of your employment. However, you can also take care of certain steps yourself. In any case, be sure to talk with your supervisor who is in charge for which task when you first start work!

Checklists for download
Checklist for new employees (German/ English)
Checklist for supervisors and support staff (German/ English)

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