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Photo: Myriam Lübbers

Photo: Johannes Pauly

Photo: Myriam Lübbers

Visiting students, guest students, Mature students and DaZ certificate courses

Visiting students

Students from other universities can be admitted as visiting students on application. This entitles them to attend courses and take examinations. You can find detailed information here.

Guest students

If you would like to attend individual lectures and events at the University of Paderborn, you can be admitted as a guest student within the scope of the available possibilities. You can find further information here. New: The guest student application can be submitted electronically under PAUL > Bewerbung > Zulassungsanträge für Sondergruppen > Gasthörerschaft

Mature students

The study programme for mature students  will not be offered until further notice.

DaZ certificate courses

The advanced certificate programme serves the specific academic and professional expansion of competences in the area of multilingualism, German as a second and foreign language. The application takes place online in the period from the beginning of June 2022 to 21.09.2022. You can find more information on this page of the PLAZ.

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