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Photo: Myriam Lübbers

Photo: Johannes Pauly

Photo: Myriam Lübbers

Transfer programme/department

If you wish to transfer to a different programme or department, please take advantage of the advisory services offered by the  Student Advice Centre.

Application must be made online. You can find the application deadlines here. For further information formalities, please contact the Registrar’s Office.

Any credits already earned for teaching degree programmes must be approved by the Paderborn Centre for Educational Research and Teacher Training (PLAZ), and for bachelor degree programmes by the relevant faculty representatives, the Central Examinations Office and/or the Chair of the Examination Board (see the respective faculty pages).

You can find the relevant application form on the Central Examinations Office pages.

The transition from a bachelor programme to a master programme is also deemed as a programme transfer and must be applied for accordingly.

Applicants with foreign university entrance qualifications should seek advice in good time from the International Office. In the same way as other students, “non-mobile foreign students” need to apply online.

Further information:

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