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Photo: Myriam Lübbers

Photo: Johannes Pauly

Photo: Myriam Lübbers

Leave the university

In principle, you may leave the university at any time, at the earliest on the day following receipt of your application to leave. Retrospective de-registration is generally not possible.  

Withdrawal from a course

If you are enrolled on more than one course at the same time, you can choose to withdraw from one of your courses within the re-enrolment period. This is not deemed as de-registration, as you retain your student matriculation number. 

Please submit your application electronically via PAUL > Studying > Manage your studies > My Applications 

Student ID card, certificate of enrolments, tickets

If you leave the university, your membership of Paderborn University will end with effect from the date on which you are removed from the university’s register of students. Consequently, your right to use your semester ticket or to use your student ID card or certificates of enrolment for discounts will expire with effect of this date. These documents must be destroyed following your de-registration. Failure to comply with this may lead to prosecution, in accordance with the German Penal Code (StGB).

Exception: For a refund of your semester ticket/NRW ticket and AStA (German General Students’ Committee) contribution, please return the respective ticket. Please note the Deadlines and further information for a refund.


If you are already registered for any examinations, please note that you must contact the Central Examinations Office to cancel your registration for these, otherwise they will be recorded as failed.

If you have applied for admission to the First State Examination for School Teachers (examination regulations for student teachers 2003), but have not duly completed the examination process, leaving the university may result in you failing the First State Examination. Please contact the State Examination Board, Paderborn office, in good time.

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