How do I submit a special request and what types of requests are there?

You can find the forms for special requests on the application portal within the online application process. Example:

You must submit your special request online including all required supporting documents. If the request is not sent with all the required documents, these may subsequently be submitted until 20/07/2023 (cut-off date).

You can track the status of your special application online. No written decision will be issued.

Special applications can be made in the following situations:

- Preferential admission due to a period of service
- Hardship
- Improvement of average grade (non-bonus point system)
- Underage applicants
- Top-level athletes 

You can find further information on special applications in the “Help with applications” document from Hochschulstart. Local admission restrictions at the individual higher education institutions are based on the same criteria as degree programmes subject to national admission restrictions (central allocation procedure).