What is an “admissions lottery”?

Where not all places on a restricted-admission degree programme/course are filled through clearing, the university will allocate any remaining places through an admissions lottery.

All prospective students with a general or subject-relevant higher education entrance qualification may apply, irrespective of nationality and whether they obtained their higher education entrance qualification in Germany or abroad.

If you would like to apply for admission via the admissions lottery, you will need to submit a special application online between 15 and 21 March 2024.

You can also apply for the admissions lottery if you are already enrolled or have applied online in the main application process. Rejection letters will not be issued to applicants not allocated a place through the admissions lottery. Acceptance letters will be available under “My documents” as of CW 12.

You can check which universities still have places available on individual degree programmes online at www.hochschulkompass.de from 01/03/2024. The list of courses with places still available is constantly updated: The degree programmes open for admissions lottery applications will be labelled as such in the list of degree programmes/courses on Paderborn University’s application portal from 15/03/2024. For places available at Paderborn University, you will need to apply online via PAUL. Applications made via e-mail via hochschulkompass.de will not be accepted.