Access requirements

The application form for the examination of the access requirements with all necessary proofs must be submitted by mail to the Student Secretariat of the University by the deadline (cut-off deadlines!) for the summer semester 2024 by 15.12.2023. Depending on the professional qualification, an entrance examination is also required. The registration deadline for the entrance examination is 01.10. of the previous year for the summer semester and 01.04. of the year for the winter semester. Before registering for the entrance examination, it is mandatory to have completed the examination of the entrance requirements.

Address: University of Paderborn, Student Secretariat, Warburger Str. 100, 33098 Paderborn.

The procedure takes some time. Therefore, please start early so that your application processing can be completed within the deadlines!

After checking the access requirements, please apply online via the application portal within the generally applicable deadlines.

It is recommended that you first attend a counselling interview at the Central Student Counselling Office. The Central Student Advisory Service provides information on admission requirements, study options, support services and the application process. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of this counselling offer! Please contact the Central Student Advisory Service, Tel. 05251 60-2007.

Before submitting your application, you must have a counselling interview with the relevant faculty advisor for the degree programme/s you are applying for. You can research the advisors in the study programme (contact and advice centres for the relevant degree programme/subject) or ask the faculty directly. If you would like to apply for more than one degree programme, counselling is required for each degree programme/subject. This is to determine whether you lack the necessary subject-specific or methodological prior knowledge. The counselling interview also provides information on possibilities to compensate for the lack of prior knowledge in terms of a study success prognosis.

The application form and the proof of professional qualification must be presented during the counselling interview. The counselling must be certified on the last page of the application form by the faculty's specialist counsellor. If you are applying for admission on the basis of professional competence, the professional competence must also be confirmed on the last page by the faculty advisor.

Queries or any additional documents that may be required are usually sent by e-mail. Your e-mail account should therefore be checked regularly until the procedure has been completed. Applications that are not received by the Registrar's Office on time or are incomplete will not be considered! After your application has been checked, you will receive an e-mail informing you of your access authorisation and the further procedure.