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Zentrales Prüfungssekretariat Show image information

Zentrales Prüfungssekretariat

Zentrales Prüfungssekretariat


Current information on examination cancellations

Students can withdraw from examinations in the summersemester 20 and wintersemester 20/21 before they begin without the obligation to submit a medical certificate. Cancellations are also possible in PAUL until the day of the examination.

As of winter semester 21/22, the regulations of the examination regulations apply again (deregistration deadline one week).

What do I have to know about my Bachelor or Master Thesis?

Your thesis can still be sent by post to the Central Examination Office.
 However, final theses can (instead of paper version) also be submitted by e-mail to the examiner and a copy must be sent to the responsible office of the central examinations secretariat. Please mention your matriculation number and also attach a declaration that you wrote your thesis by your own (signed if possible) to the PDF. The examiners may later request a printed copy to be submitted. From the point of view of the ZPS, a submission is completed when the electronic form is submitted.
At present, it is also possible to hand in printed theses at the main entrance, but it is better to send them by post or email.

I read in the press that seminar papers and assignments are to be sent to the Central Examination Office as PDF files. Is this true?

No. Please continue to send seminar papers and term papers only to the responsible examiners. Only PDFs of your Master's or Bachelor's thesis must (also) be sent to the person responsible for your degree programme at the ZPS. You can find their email addresses here.

Can Bachelor and Master theses still be registered?

BA, or MA-Thesis can still be registered in the conventional way (application for admission in PAUL). Please arrange office hours of your supervisors/assessors directly with them. The application does not have to be submitted to the ZPS with original signatures; a scan/photo is currently sufficient. The term will be the original one from the examination regulations.

Do I get still confirmations of my grades?

  Confirmations of grades/performance overviews will continue to be issued. Please request these preferably by email from the ZPS clerk responsible for your degree programme. The requests will be processed as soon as they are received, please refrain from further requests within the first 5 working days after receipt! The documents will be posted to you in PAUL under Examination Administration/Documents as signed PDF.


Does the Studierendenwerk (BaFöG-Amt) accept the online grade reports from PAUL?

The online score sheets from PAUL as PDF are electronically signed and accepted by the BaFöG office. Please note, however, that the PDF sheet music must not and cannot be modified for this purpose, because the signature will then be lost. In addition, the sheet of grades must of course be submitted electronically to the BaFöG office!

The Adobe signature has "disappeared" from my online transcript of records. What happened?

You probably opened the original document with a non-Adobe product and saved it again. In this case, the signature will be removed, of course. You should forward the saved documents unopened (or only opened with Adobe Reader). Without signature the documents are not valid!

Is it true that failed attempts in the summer semester during the corona measures are not counted?

Examinations which are assigned to courses or modules of the summer semester 2020, the winter semester 2020/2021 or the summer semester 2021 and are not passed shall be deemed not to have been taken. This applies to every attempt, i.e. also to second and third attempts, but for examinations after 13 October (date of publication of the 3rd corona epidemic regulation of the UPB) no longer applies to failed attempts due to deception or attempts to deceive.

This also does not apply to Bachelor's and Master's theses and for oral defence; here, failed attempts still exist.

The attempt counter will only be corrected after the assessment of the examinations but before the examinations of the following semester. The grade displayed will then be "Corona VO".

This rules are NOT valid for winter semester 2021/2022.



Do I have to request the deletion of my failed exams (5.0 or NT) in the summer semester?

Failed attempts for examinations taken in the summersemester 2020 or wintersemester 20/21 or summer semester 2021 will not be evaluated. Please note that first the examiners' evaluations are entered in PAUL and later the failed attempts are deleted. You do not have to request the deletion of the failed attempt. The cancellation will be carried out by the ZPS without application, but will take place at a later date.

This rules are NOT valid for winter semester 2021/2022.

In the Paul APP, I am only shown an "excused" for failed attempts. The reason "Corona-VO" is not apparent. Is that correct?

In the Paul APP, I am only shown an "excused" for failed attempts. The reason "Corona-VO" is not apparent. Is that correct?

This is only a display problem of the APPs. In the Android or iOS app, the reason "Corona VO" is not displayed for exams not taken or exams originally graded with 5.0. Only in the desktop browser under the menu item "Study/Exam Information/Exam Results" and, if applicable, on the documents does the reason "Corona VO" appear for results that do not count as a failed attempt due to the Corona regulations.


I'm an examiner. Do I also have to enter grades and absences, which normally lead to failing, in SoSe 20 or in SoSe 21 or WiSe 20/21 in PAUL?

Please enter all notes as usual in PAUL, failed attempts will be eliminated by ZPS afterwards. The grade is shown as "Corona VO".

My exam has been changed to the "ungraded" grading system due to the Corona regulations. Why is this not yet shown to me in the module in the performance account?

My exam has been changed to the "ungraded" grading system due to the Corona regulations. Why is this not yet shown to me in the module in the performance account?

Some examinations were changed to ungraded due to the Corona VO. Since this grading system does not correspond to the normal, modelled examination regulations, the module grades thus created must be entered manually by the ZPS  into the individual performance accounts as passed. Please understand that these cases will be processed as soon as possible. Before the next document (grade report, certificate) is issued to you, the performance account should have been correctly reworked. If you see the examination as passed in the examination results, this will also be shown later in the performance accounts.




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