Paderborn University’s Goal, Measurement and Evaluation System (until 2022)

The goal, measurement and evaluation system is used to record university-wide goals and regularly check their implementation status. It is based on strategic teaching and learning goals, as well as specific goals derived from these. The achievement of goals is checked via a series of indicators that show whether or not a specific goal has been implemented. Data collected from the university’s internal statistics, student course reviews, graduate surveys and student surveys is used to determine which indicator a given goal is assigned.

Paderborn University has adopted the following strategic goals for teaching and learning:

  1. The goal is to provide a range of competitive degree programs.
  2. The goal is to ensure high-quality teaching.
  3. The goal is to prepare students in the best possible way for professional activities in scientific and non-scientific fields of work.
  4. The goal is to orient studies and teaching internationally.
  5. The goal is to ensure the academic success.

The complete goal, measurement and evaluation system can be accessed here: Paderborn University’s teaching and learning goals (internal)

Further information :

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