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Maschinenbau & EIM

English for Engineering Students (L.ZfS.04030)

This course focuses on enhancing existing English skills of engineering students. With the help of (semi-)authentic material, students are enabled to expand vocabulary in their field of discipline and to broaden their knowledge about the proper usage of the right terminology. The course also allows for refreshing important grammatical structures in order to be well prepared for spending a semester abroad or for working abroad. The course outline includes the following topics:

  • talking about recent technological developments
  • evaluating advantages and disadvantages of products and innovations
  • explaining technical coherences
  • analysing and improving problems

The course finishes off with a final exam.


English Writing Skills for Engineering Students (L.ZfS.04032)

This course is designed for students of engineering disciplines who have to write term papers or theses in English. The objective is to expand existing vocabulary and to refresh certain grammatical structures in order to provide students with a solid basis for accurate academic writing. Amongst others, the course will cover the following topics:

  • common errors in writing
  • evaluating statics and numbers
  • describing processes
  • drawing comparisons

Instead of a final exam, students will hand in several written assignments. Topics will be provided throughout the semester.


English Oral Skills for Engineering Students (L.ZfS. 04031)

This course has been designed for students of all engineering disciplines. It helps students to expand their English oral skills in different communicative situations for both their studies and their future professional life. Authentic texts and listenings will provide the basis for discussion, vocabulary work, and description skills (including presentations). Group and pair work will allow for interaction in the target language and for practicing everyday situations in English.

The course allows for communication and interaction, so please come alert and ready for conversation. Students need to hand in several assignments/ presentations in order to pass the course.

The University for the Information Society