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Information: Participation in the general strategy workshops (e.g. pronunciation, speaking, vocabulary…) will be credited in the category “Studium leicht gemacht” in the “Gesundheitspass” (health passport) of the MyBenefit project (mein

Workshops (Tandem and Strategy Workshops)

The aim of these workshops, which comprise all languages and levels (starting at A2/B1 in German), is to extend your repertoire of strategies for language learning, as well as to shape your learning process into a more specific, more conscious and more diverse one. Components of the workshops are:

  • Identifying methods which are already known to you and/or have already been used with other language learners
  • Suggesting further strategies and methods as well as
  • Reflecting useful strategies and methods and how you can tailor them to your needs

The strategy workshops are only offered during the winter term. They usually take place on Thursdays or Fridays in the morning/before lunchtime.

(As an alternative during the summer term, the team of the self-study centre - the Mediathek - has got shorter mini workshops to offer.)

For Whom?

  • Participants of the tandem programme* (3 credit points). The participation in one of the introductory workshops, two further workshops of your choice and one of the concluding workshops is obligatory (you can attend the workshops separately or – ideally – together with your tandem partner)
  • Other tandem learners (who don't participate in the tandem programme)
  • other interested language learners (outgoings, users of the Mediathek, language course participants - also for an extra credit...)

→ Registration (winter term: strategy workshops; summer term: mini workshops): via Workshops Registration

The number of participants is limited to 8 (Thursdays) or 16 (Fridays) for each workshop.
(Priority is given to participants of the tandem programme)

Language: All Workshops are held in GERMAN and are open to all target languages.

* Please note: For participation in the tandem programme (for 3 credit points), the previously mentioned basic registration is obligatory. The basic registration will be activated in the beginning of the winter term (see website)

Please click here to see the current workshop programme (available soon). 

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