Language Learning Advising - For whom?

The Language Learning Advising is

  • an open offer
    • for tandem students regardless of the course (learn about tandem learning at the ZfS).
    • for students who signed up for the 5 hours of independent studying so they can earn 1 more ECTS in their ZfS language course. A Language Learning Advising will count towards your learning time.
    • for all students who will go abroad (future outgoings).
    • for everyone who studies foreign languages (as studies or as a ZfS language course) at Paderborn University and wants to be studying more effective and conciously. Be it on the language level or in the organisation of the learning process.

Participants of the project mein can get the Language Learning Advising credited with one point (a stamp) to their "Gesundheitspass" (Health Pass) under the category of "Stress vermeiden, dran bleiben" (Avoiding Stress - Keeping on).